Bishop Prof. Lawrence LUBA NJOH  is the Prelate General of the Dunamis Ecumenical Synod International, Cameroon; Founder and President – Bishop Lawrence Evangelistic Association International Inc. President  –  Charismatic University Project Cameroon, Presiding  Chancellor –   Charismatic Theological College, Limbe and Executive Director, Center for  Leadership &  Strategic   Development    Cameroon.  The Country Director, Initiative for Peace and Anti-Corruption, Cameroon.  In 2010, he was appointed Executive President, Crystal Educational development and Investment Foundation. He is the Editor – in – Chief of the Education for Health Magazine.


He is a Theologian, an Educationist, a Career Administrator; a Researcher and a Preacher of the Gospel. He is an academic legend with two Academic PhD in Education ( Kent, Canterbury ) and in Biblical Theology ( Ohio, USA ), and Professorship in Homiletics and Theology ( Kent, Canterbury ). He is currently pursuing his second professorship in Entrepreneurship Education.


Since 2010 he is the team leader of the VISION 2020  captioned SAVE THEM YOUNG and VISION 2022 captioned SAVE THE HEART, of the Children and Adolescents HIV/AIDS and Health Education Programme of the Crystal Educational Development and Investment Foundation. This is a research programmes that have developed a HIV/AIDS Education Curricula for Cameroon targeted to make HIV/AIDS History in Cameroon which was recommended to the Ministries of Basic and Secondary Education and was officially launched in 2013 and been implemented nationwide. He is currently running a advocacy for anti corruption education for Cameroon from the age of 5 to 25 as a mechanism to stamp out corruption from the national life of Cameroon. A campaign to make Cameroon a Corruption free Society by 2035.


He is committed to the preservation of the present teenagers as to have a healthy society in the future; hence the various campaign as regard adoption of healthy lifestyle coupled life skills leading to behavioural change to guarantee healthy living.


He is an Ordained Minister and a teacher of the Gospel whose apostolic teaching ministry unravels mysteries from the word of God. He is an author.


BISHOP LAWRENCE EVANGELICAL ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL ( BLEA ) INC is a multi – dimensional evangelistic movement with the focus on national transformation with the instrumentality of the Gospel. It organizes outdoor evangelistic campaigns aimed at both soul winning and life transformation. It is founded by Bishop Prof. Lawrence LIBA NJOH

BLEA INC. carries out it’s activities by:

i. Organizing Prayer Conferences and Crusades

ii. Organizing Wisdom for Life Seminars.

iii, Promoting and encouraging investment in other areas of social life of Cameroonians